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The Bible and Alcoholic Beverages

Samuele Bacchiocchi

02/2 (Fall 1991)


Health and Salvation

Mervyn G. Hardinge

03/2 (Fall 1992)


The Theological and Practical Significance of Health Reform in the Writings of Ellen G. White

Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

25/2 (Fall 2014)

HealthLifestyleSpirit of ProphecyTheology

Ecosystem Community Health Initiatives and Care of Creation

Warren Shipton

25/1 (Spring 2014)


Ellen White, Health, and the Third Angel's Message: Part 2-Minimizing Non-Communicable Diseases

Warren A. Shipton

28/2 (Fall 2017)

HealthLifestyleSpirit of Prophecy

Ellen White, Health, and the Third Angel's Message: Part 1--Improving Health through Reducing Transmissible Diseases

Warren A. Shipton

28/1 (Spring 2017)

HealthLifestyleSpirit of Prophecy

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The Peptides of Peace (Sabbath School)

Vicki Griffin


Adventist Standards

Constraint of Freedom

Miroslav Kis


How to Know if a Biblical Law Applies to Modern Life

Roy E. Gane


The Bill of Divorce

An Intertextual Reading of Tractate Gittin and the New Testament Logia Regarding Divorce

Donn W. Leatherman


'Let No One Judge You:' Col. 2:16-17 in Biblical Perspective

' Col. 2

Edwin Reynolds


Are the Laws of Leviticus 11 on Clean and Unclean Food Still Relevant?

Jirí Moskala