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2014 Spring Symposium - Southern Adventist University

Theme: Adventistm at the Crossroads—Adventist Identity and Eschatology


The Tension of the Seventh-day Adventist Identity: An Existential & Eschatological Perspective

Jacques B. Doukhan

Morning Devotional

Jack Blanco

Deceiving Spirits in Job and Revelation: Prolepsis and Reiteration

Lael O. Caesar

Exclusivism versus Inclusivism: Citizenship in the Pentateuch and its Metaphorical Usage in Ephesians​

Martin Klingbeil

Adventism and Biblical Worldview

Ed ZinkeAdventist Review

Judgment for the Saints: The Justice of God in Psalms 3–14

Jerome Skinner

Isaiah's Messiah: Adventist Identity for the Last Days

Stephane Beaulieu

Unkitsching Reality: Towards an Adventist Philosophy of History​

Ante Jeroncic

Corporate Identity: A view from Inside and Outside

Michael F. Younker

ATS Recognition Program & Mini-Concert Covenant of Praise

Thomas R. ShepherdPresident, ATS, Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Andrews University

Do Believers Receive Preferential Treatment?: The Patient, the Obedient, the Faithful, and the Reward

Felix H. CortezPresident-Elect, Adventist Theological Society, Professor of New Testament, Montemorelos University

Ezekiel 40–48 and the Identity of Adventism

Jirí MoskalaAndrews University

Sabbath School

Alan Parker

Worship Service – The Meaning of Adventist Eschatology

Stephen Bauer

Is the Seventh-day Adventist Church the Last Remnant?

Richard Sabuin

Jesus' Understanding of Daniel as a Unifying Vision for Adventists

Reimar Vetne

Adventism at the Crossroads: Identity & Eschatology—Panel Discussion

Moderator: Greg A. KingSouthern Adventist University