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2010 Fall Symposium - Atlanta, Georgia


Justification in the Gospels

Clinton WahlenAssociate Director, Biblical Research Institute, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Legal Universal Justification: Brief Description and Evaluation

Ángel M. Rodríguez

Paul’s Concept of Justification by Faith in a Nutshell

P. Richard Choi

Pistis Iesou: Subjective or Objective Genitive?

Sigve K. Tonstad

Desmond Ford and the Righteousness by Faith Controversy

Gerhard Pfandl

Righteous Beauty: Jonathan Edwards and Justification by Faith

Ante Jeroncic

Forensic and Transformational Aspects of Justification

Erwin R. Gane

Victory Over Sins, Faith, and the Second Coming of Christ in Revelation

Richard Sabuin

Righteousness by Faith and Doctrine

Ed ZinkeAdventist Review

The Justification of Man and God: Another Look at Romans 3

Wilson Paroschi

Anne Hutchinson and Adventist Views of Justification

Stephen Bauer

Human perfection? An exegetical and linguistic analysis of Mathew 5: 48

Rodrigo P. SilvaTh.D., Brazilian Adventist Theological Seminary

The Concept of Righteousness in the Epistles of Paul and in Contemporary Jewish Apocalypses

Eliezer GonzalezMacquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Applying the Atonement in the Present: Flawed Obedience and the Close of Probation

Scott Charlesworth