Our conviction and strong desire is to foster biblical, theological, and historical studies that strengthen the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s message and mission.

Bible Symposium

As always, this year’s theme is related to the yearly theme chosen for the evangelical society’s annual meeting: Text and Canon. As Seventh‐day Adventists, the Spirit of Prophecy is a critical subject of study that directly bears on our theology, eschatology, and ecclesiology.

This symposium provides a proper forum for the discussion of issues and questions related to God’s special revelation of His will to His church via human agencies. Though not all questions will be answered or even addressed, you can expect clear insights and thoughtful biblical teaching from an array of competent church theologians and scholars. The opinions and conclusions are the presenters’, not the Society’s. The concluding panel session is then a must for anyone in attendance.

We pray and hope that this day’s series of presentations and discussions may bring us to a closer understanding of God’s will and ways for His church.


The Place of the Book of Daniel in the Hebrew Canon

Jirí MoskalaAndrews University

The Text of the Creation Sabbath (Genesis 2:1-3): Theological Intentionality for the Concept of Holiness in the Pentateuch

Mathilde FreyAndrews University

Nomological or Inspirational? Paul’s Use of the Old Testament in 1 Corinthians

A. Rahel SchaferWheaton College

Repentance and Personal Responsibility in Ezekiel 18 and Its Inner-Textual and Intertextual Contexts

Jan SigvartsenAndrews University

Intrinsic Canonicity: The Inadequacy of the Community to Determine the Canon

How the Bible Spells Success

Ron E. M. Clouzet

The Prophetic Stream

Isaac A. Olatunji, Jr.

A New Look at the Year-Day Principle

Jon Paulien

The Authority of Ellen White

Gerhard Pfandl

Ellen G. White’s Passion for Jesus and Scripture

Merlin D. Burt

Ellen G. White’s Use of the Theological Ellipse

Herbert E. Douglass