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2014 Fall Symposium

Theme - Ecclesiology
November 19-22, 2014

The Adventist Theological Society annual meetings were held in San Diego, CA, Wednesday, November 19 through Sabbath, November 22. Our topic was “Ecclesiology” and a special session, “Remembering Gerhard Hasel.”

The special session Remembering Gerhard Hasel was a memorial to his contributions on the 20th anniversary of his untimely death. The session was held in conjunction with the Evangelical Theological Society and incorporated reflection on Hasel’s contributions to Old and New Testament studies, his leadership in educational administration, and his contributions to church life.

Symposium Program Symposium Break-out Sessions


Biographical Sketch of Gerhard Hasel

Michael G. Hasel

The Legacy of Gerhard Hasel’s Old Testament Theology: Basic Issues in the Current Debate Revealed in Old Testament Scholarship of the Last Two Decades

Richard M. DavidsonAndrews University

The Hasel-Kaiser Discussions on the Search for a Center or Mitte to Biblical Theology

Walter C. Kaiser Jr.

Narrative Structure of Daniel 8: A Text Linguistic Approach

Samuel Nunez

The Theology of the "Chronicler": What Difference Does It Make?

Eugene H. Merrill

Does the Church Have the Authority to Adapt Scriptural Organizational Ideals?

Nicholas P. MillerAndrews University

Ecclesiology in the Old Testament: A Model for the Relevant Church

Mathilde FreyAndrews University

The Concept of Truth and Ecclesiological Authority: Have Scientists Replaced Priests?​

Michael F. Younker

The Remnant in Daniel 11:40-45

Carlos E. Mora

Women Bear God's Image: Considerations from a Neglected Perspective

Jo Ann DavidsonProfessor of Theology, Andrews University

Adventist Theological Society Presidential Address “We Thank God for You” How Thanksgiving Transforms Our Walk: A Study in the Theology of Colossians

Thomas R. ShepherdPresident, ATS, Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Andrews University

Power: To Whom Does It Belong?

Artur Stele

Development of the Seventh-day Adventist Ministerial Identity, 1863-1881

Michael W. Campbell

How Does God "Head" Christ: Paul’s Use of Kephalē within the Body Metaphor​

Jonathan Leonardo

Apostasy: An Ecclesiological Taboo in the SDA Church

The Enemy in the Sanctuary: Jewish Eschatology and Adventist Belief

Rodrigo GalizaPhD Candidate, Andrews University

Sanctuary Typology and Ecclesiology in the Fourth Gospel and Acts

Leonardo Nunes

The Multifunctional Purpose, Application and Implications of the Term Qāhāl in the Hebrew Canon

Eriks Galenieks

Panel Discussion - The Authority of the Church

Moderator: Felix H. CortezPresident-Elect, Adventist Theological Society, Professor of New Testament, Montemorelos University