Our conviction and strong desire is to foster biblical, theological, and historical studies that strengthen the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s message and mission.


The Place of Seventh-day Adventism in the Calvinist-Arminian Debate: Historical and Theological Perspectives on the Rise of Arminianism

Denis Fortin

Divine Election and Predestination: A Biblical Perspective

Hans K. LaRondelle

Seventh-day Adventism, Semi-Pelagianism, and Overlooked Topics in Adventism’s Soteriology: Moving Beyond Missing Links and Toward a More Explicit Understanding

George R. Knight

Arminianism as God-centered Theology

Roger Olson

Historical Backgrounds of the Doctrine of Sinning in Adam

Stephen Bauer

Fate or Destiny: The Issue of Predestination and Free Will in Hebrew (OT) and Jewish Thought 

Jacques B. Doukhan

The Great Awakening—Calvinism, Arminianism and Revivalistic Preaching—Homiletical Lessons for Today

Kenley Hall

Two Visions of God and Male Headship: A Study in Calvinist and Arminian Presuppositions

Darius Jankiewicz

The Heart of Him Who Hardens Hearts

Skip MacCarty

“The Glory Which Shall be Revealed in Us”: The Biblical and Historical Roots of Last Generation Theology in the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Kevin Paulson

The Conditionality and Unconditionality of Divine Love: A Brief Consideration of the Relationship between Love and Election in the Old Testament

John C. PeckhamAndrews University

Soteriological Synergism and Its Surrounding Seductions

Barry Callen

Paul's Hope For All Israel: Romans 9-11

Hans K. LaRondelle

Calvin’s Teaching on Double Predestination in Light of the Biblical Message

Jirí MoskalaAndrews University

Origen’s apokatastasis and Ellen White’s “One Pulse of Harmony”

John W. Reeve

Does Open Theism Limit God?

Richard Rice

Ellen White and the Main Issues Between Arminianism and Calvinism

Peter M. van Bemmelen

Calvin, Arminius, Wesley and Seventh-day Adventism:  Could There Have Been Adventism Without Wesley and Arminius?

Woodrow W. Whidden

A Tentative Proposal for a Problem in Common: Logic in Arminianism and Adventism Within the Context of Divine Foreknowledge and Human Freedom

Michael F. Younker

Arminian Theology as Evangelical Theology

Roger Olson

Incarnation, Death, Resurrection: Atonement as a Narrative

Ángel M. Rodríguez

Assurance of Salvation: An Arminian Account

Keith Stanglin

Investigative Judgment and Assurance of Salvation

Woodrow W. Whidden

God's Word: The Potential For Ever More Truth

Barry Callen

Zechariah 3 and the Day of Atonement

David Hamstra

Predestined to Freedom According to Foreknowledge and Other Kinds of Divine Knowledge

Martin F. HannaAndrews University

Universal Legal Justification: A Failed Alternative Between Calvin and Arminius 

Joseph Olstad

The Implications of Arminius’ Understanding of the Intellect on the Role of Scholarship in the Mission of the SDA Church

Terry Robertson

The Knowledge from Creation: Condemning Glory and Hopeful Suffering in Romans 1:18-23 and 8:19-23 

A. Rahel SchaferWheaton College

Responsive Reason: Towards an Arminian Account of the Formation of Theistic Beliefs

Zane Yi

Reflections on the Symposium

Gary Land