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2015 Fall Symposium

Theme - Marriage and the Family
November 18-21, 2015

The Adventist Theological Society annual meetings were held in Atlanta, GA, Wednesday, November 17 through Sabbath, November 21, 2015. Our topic was “Marriage and the Family.” 

Symposium Program (pdf) Symposium Break-out Sessions (pdf)


Old Testament Principles Relevant to Consensual Homoerotic Activity

Roy E. GaneProfessor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Languages, Andrews University

Homosexuality and the Contextual Meaning of ‘Exchange’ (Μεταλλάσσω) in Romans 1:25-27

Thomas R. ShepherdPresident, ATS, Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Andrews University

Homosexuality and the Church: Seeking a Way Forward

Jon Paulien

Same-Sex Marriage, Civil Rights, and Religious Liberty: An Adventist View

Nicholas P. MillerAndrews University

Marriage and Family Under the Impact of Five Great Revolutions

Alberto R. Timm

Linear, Narrative-Plot Development in the Song of Songs

Does the Case-law of the Female Slave (Exod 21:7–11) Give a Right to Divorce?

Kenneth Bergland

The Issue of Divorce and Remarriage in 1 Corinthians 7:15 in the Light of the Dominical Logion of 7:10

Davide Sciarabba

Adventist Theological Society and Adventist Society for ReligiousStudies Banquet

Ted Wilson

Adventist Society for Religious Studies Presidential Address

Mark Carr

Adventist Theological Society Presidential Address

Felix H. CortezPresident-Elect, Adventist Theological Society, Professor of New Testament, Montemorelos University

Song Service and Report—Sabbath School from International ATS Scholar

Jeremy vanDieman

Divine Worship Service

Ted Wilson


Elias Brasil de Souza

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Carl P. CosaertPresident, ATS