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2013 Spring Symposium – Loma Linda, CA

Loma Linda University, Campus Hill Church


Morning Devotional

Clinton WahlenAssociate Director, Biblical Research Institute, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Methodological Questions and the Moral Influence Theory of Atonement

Ed ZinkeAdventist Review

Peter Abelard's Theory of Atonement: A Multifaceted Approach and Re-evaluation

Denis KaiserAdventist Studies Doctoral Candidate, Andrews University

The Doctrine of Atonement in Communal Contexts

Kelvin OnonghaAdventist University of Africa, Kenya

The Emergence Narrative of the Atonement: Which is the Fairest of Them All?

John Jovan MarkovicProfessor of History, Andrews University

Jesus' Prayer in Matthew 26:36-56 and the Atonement: A Narrative Study

Adelina AlexePhD Candidate Andrews University

The Atonement in John's Apocalypse

Larry LichtenwalterDean, School of Theology, Middle Eastern College

Assurance in the Anti-typical Day of Atonement

Abraham, Isaac and Akedah: The Atonement according to Moses

Jo Ann DavidsonProfessor of Theology, Andrews University

Worship Service – Christ Suffered for You

Thomas R. ShepherdPresident, ATS, Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Andrews University

The Atonement and the Restrainer

Ross WinkleAssociate Professor of Religion, Pacific Union College

Legal Substitution and Experiential Transformation in the Typology of Leviticus

Roy E. GaneProfessor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Languages, Andrews University

"Without Shedding of Blood There Is no Remission": Atonement, Substitution and the Logic of Forgiveness in Hebrews

Felix H. CortezPresident-Elect, Adventist Theological Society, Professor of New Testament, Montemorelos University