Our conviction and strong desire is to foster biblical, theological, and historical studies that strengthen the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s message and mission.

2017 Fall Symposium

Theme - The Heritage of the Reformation
November 15-18, 2017

The Adventist Theological Society held its annual meeting in Providence, RI, and Everett, MA, on Wednesday, November 15 through Sabbath, November 18, 2017.

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Reformation and Revitalization of Biblical Languages

Petronio GenebagoPhD Candidate AIIAS, Philippines
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John Wesley: Original Sin and Limited Universalism

Steven GrabinerSouthern Adventist University
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Sola Scriptura Statuat Lex Orandi: Toward a Transcultural Theology of Liturgy

David WilliamsAndrews University

Divine Presence and Holy Relics, the Medieval Backgrounds of the Reformation

Rodrigo GalizaPhD Candidate, Andrews University

Reformation, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre: A Timeline Overview

Carina PrestesPhD Candidate Andrews University

Nearness and Delay of the Parousia in Reformation Thought

Laurentiu Florentin MotAdventist Theo. Institute, Cernica, Romania

Individualism and Subjectivity in the Hermeneutics of Charles Tayler

Adelina AlexePhD Candidate Andrews University

Ecclesiology, Hermeneutics and Church Authority: The Role of the Community of Faith in the Interpretation of Scripture in Luther and Calvin and its Relation to Church Authority

Gerardo OudriAndrews University

Reformation and Revitalization of Biblical Languages

Petronio GenebagoPhD Candidate AIIAS, Philippines

Adventist Theological Society Presidential Address: Erasmus, the Protestant Reformation, and the Text of the New Testament

Carl P. CosaertPresident, ATS

Adventist Society for Religious Studies Presidential Address: Sola Scriptura, Truth, and the Future of Bible Interpretation

Olive HemmingPresident, ASRS

The Moral Government of God, the Sabbath, and Adventist Activism

Nicholas P. MillerAndrews University
Respondent: Douglas Morgan

Justification by Faith According to the Old Testament: In the Footsteps of the Reformers.

Richard M. DavidsonAndrews University

The Clarity and Obscurity of Inspired Writings: An Historical Survey from the Protestant Reformers to Seventh-day Adventists

Denis KaiserAdventist Studies Doctoral Candidate, Andrews University
Respondent: Michael W. Campbell

Martin Luther and extra ecclesiam nulla salus (Outside of the Church there is no Salvation): Did Luther Really Abandon Cyprian?

Darius JanciwiczAndrews University