Our conviction and strong desire is to foster biblical, theological, and historical studies that strengthen the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s message and mission.

2022 ATS Annual Meeting Report

The 2022 Adventist Theological Society (ATS) annual meeting convened in Denver, Colorado, in conjunction with the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) from November 15-19.

During the week, ATS presentations included:

            —“Holiness Restored: Ritual and the Effects of Sin in Ancient Israel” by Eric Ellison

            —“Which Ritual Abstentions Have Continuity Across Salvation History” by David J.            Hamstra

            —“War as Worship: Hollow Form of Holiness” by Oliver Glanz

            —“Sanctification: A Dialogue Between John Wesley’s and Ellen White’s Soteriology” by Elmer Guzman

            —“What Is Man? Holiness and the Holy One in the Psalter” by Jerome Skinner

            —“Righteousness and Holy Name in the Gog Oracle” by Kenneth Bergland

            —“Priestly Christology and Holiness: The Priesthood of Christ and the                                         Sanctification of Believers” by Adriani Milli Rodrigues

            —“The Holy Spirit or a Good Gift? A Textual and Redactional Reading of Luke          

               11:13” by Jonathan A. Campbell

The North American Division Ministerial Association hosted the Friday evening vespers service at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel.

Sabbath was a full day of activities at the Boulder (Colorado) Adventist Church. Continuing the week’s theme on “Holiness,” Jo Ann Davidson spoke on “Holiness and Sabbath,” and David Williams addressed the topic of “Holiness in Music.” Rahel Wells presented the presidential sermon titled, “Holiness in Hard Times.”

“During the Sabbath programming two special features were presented,” says Rahel Wells, ATS president. “For more than 20 years, Terry Dodge used his talents in filming and editing to serve ATS. Following his unexpected death, ATS leadership wanted to honor his contributions during our gathering. Several people provided testimonies of working with Terry and what his work for ATS meant to them. Terry’s family joined in by live video stream.

The remainder of the afternoon programming included a nature hike, a return of the popular feature, ATS Bible Bites, along with breakout groups, presentations on biblical studies, theology, and practices.

The Annual Business Meeting was held Saturday night. Reports were presented about ATS’ presence at the 61st General Conference Session in St. Louis, Missouri, and the North American Division Ministerial Called Pastors’ Family Convention in Lexington, Kentucky. Other reports included the outreach of social media, the ATS publications of Perspective Digest and the Journal of the Adventist Theological Society. Additionally, two sub-committees brought reports on scholarships for international scholars to attend the fall ATS meetings and ATS international chapters.

The ATS constitution provides a foundation for the society’s leadership roles and transitions. During the 2021 annual business meeting, a change to the ATS constitution and bylaws was voted to ensure ATS presidential and vice-presidential leadership succession. The constitution now provides for the election of a president for a two-year term, the vice president will serve a one-year term and then become president-elect. The officers currently serving are Rahel Wells as president, and Eike Müeller as president-elect. During the business meeting, Christie Chadwick, Centro Universitario Adventista de Sao Paulo, was elected as vice-president.

Let Us Hear From You About the 2022 ATS Annual Meeting

In an attempt to provide a better experience in future ATS annual meetings, we are requesting all who participated (physically or virtually) in the 2022 annual meeting in Denver, Colorado, to share feedback with us. The survey should only take four minutes to complete. 

We appreciate your feedback as we intend to make the 2023 Annual Meeting more meaningful to you.


Legacy of Beauty

A Festschrift honoring the teaching, ministry, and writings of Jo Ann Davidson was presented to her during the 2022 ATS annual meeting. “Legacy of Beauty is a fitting tribute for a Festschrift honoring Dr. Jo Ann Davidson. Not only did she write her dissertation on the theology of beauty, but she also exhibits a beautiful spirit in her character of a love of beauty in her everyday life.” This opening paragraph of the introduction to the book reveals the theme for the book.

“All contributors to this volume are female Adventist scholars,” says Rahel Wells, co-editor of the book and Davidson’s daughter. “Some are seminary colleagues, others are former students, and still others are those who have been impacted by Jo Ann in some other way.”

Each writer reflected on how beauty is embodied in the Bible in some way. The first section focuses on the beauty of narrative and literary artistry. This is followed by a section that spotlights the beauty in archaeology and culture. Finally, the contributions in the last section are related to theology and beauty in God’s character.

Legacy of Beauty will be available for purchase later this spring. Watch for announcements on the ATS website and the society’s social media.

Social Media Report

By Sarah Burton, ATS Social Media Coordinator

In January, our Instagram following surpassed 1,500 followers! We continue to post content on a wide variety of issues and theological topics. The Sabbath remains one of our most popular topics. On Facebook, our content has been viewed by over 5,000 accounts, and our followers have increased to 2,232 followers. On both Facebook and Instagram, our following is primarily male readers in the United States in the 25-34 age bracket. We hope to increase female and international readership.

Twitter following is growing slowly, and we are being intentional about selecting short, concise quotes that will hopefully spark the interest of users. Our most shared post on Twitter was on Sabbath and food, excerpted from an article by Jacques Doukhan. 

Based on the likes, comments, and shares certain posts receive, it seems clear that people are interested in deep biblical and theological discussions that directly relate to their lives.

Some of the topics readers have responded to the most include personal spirituality, methods for correctly interpreting and applying Scripture, how to appreciate and understand the writings of Ellen White, and how to know God’s will for our lives. Inspirational quotes praising God or discussing His incredible love for us through the incarnation and death of Jesus are also popular among readers.

If you are on social media, please like and follow our pages! If there is a specific topic you would like to see highlighted, feel free to contact Sarah Burton at [email protected].

2023 Annual Meeting

Plan now to attend the 2023 ATS Annual Meeting that will be held in San Antonio, Texas, the week of November 14-19. The theme will be “Theological Anthropology.” The Tuesday-Thursday meetings will be held in conjunction with the Evangelical Theological Society at the San Antonio Grand Hyatt and the Henry B. González Convention Center in San Antonio. Hotel reservations will open in March 2023. If you are interested in presenting a paper, see the call for papers announcement for details on submission guidelines. 

Call for Papers

2023 Annual Meetings—San Antonio, Texas

November 14-19, 2023

Theme: Theological Anthropology

In conjunction with the Evangelical Theological Society, this year’s conference theme is “Theological Anthropology,” although excellent papers on other topics will be accepted as well.

The topic for this year allows a wide range of reflections in different disciplines on the nature of human beings and how this affects our relationship with God and one another.


For many international scholars, it is very difficult to obtain visas and come to the meetings in person. Yet we value the contributions and voices of friends and colleagues. As we have done in the past, we intend to have a breakout session of virtual presentations alongside in-person presentations. Proposals may be submitted for either virtual or in-person modality.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Proposals must be in Microsoft Word format and include an abstract (200-300 words) summarizing the main thesis and trajectory of argumentation.
  • Include in the proposal the paper title, the author’s full name, institution, mailing address, and email address.
  • First-time presenters must also submit a complete outline of their paper for review when they submit their proposal.
  • The Adventist Theological Society affirms a high view of Scripture. Proposals should reflect this perspective.
  • Submission of a proposal does not guarantee acceptance.
  • Indicate whether you plan to attend in-person or wish to contribute in virtual modality.

Send proposals to: Eike Mueller, ThD, ATS President-Elect, at: [email protected]

Proposal Deadline: Sunday, April 9, 2023.

If your paper is accepted, we will send you more information regarding scheduling and location when these details are settled. ATS does not have funds to assist presenters with travel expenses.

It is our intention to communicate regarding inclusion of your paper in the ATS by June 2023. If you have questions, please email [email protected].



Understanding the backstory can clarify our understanding of events. In “Setting the Stage” Samuel Núñez writes about the context of the Nativity story in the Jewish and Greco-Roman settings found in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.





At the time of Jesus’ birth, outsiders play a prominent role in the story. Thomas R. Shepherd reminds us that both at the Nativity and even today God has “Grace for Outsiders,” and uses them in unexpected ways.






Kevin Burton writes about the ties Seventh-day Adventists have with Sojourner Truth in
“The Adventist Truth and Sojourner’s Legacy.” This interesting history opens with the announcement that Truth’s funeral would be held at the Dime Tabernacle in Battle Creek, Michigan, and then was abruptly changed to another location. https://www.lakeunionherald.org/archive/articles/the-adventist-truth-and-sojourners-legacy


In “A Path to Trusting God,” Enno Müeller reflects on a hiking trip during his teen years that led to him and his brother becoming lost on a non-existent trail. Today, when he feels lost or alone, Müeller reflects on that incident for hope and comfort. 






Even when language barriers keep us from communicating with others, the pain of loss can bring people together. In “Bridging the Gap,” Chantal Klingbeil writes about personal loss and God’s pain as He gave a gift that bridged the gap between Him and humans. https://adventistreview.org/magazine-article/bridging-the-gap-2/




End time events may unfold differently than we expect. Luiz Gustavo Assis draws from the Book of Job to show how God works in unexpected ways in “Destruction or Transformation.”    









Adventist Pilgrimage

Learn more about Adventist history with Greg Howell and Michael Campbell.

 Greg talks about the SDA Reform Movement and has a chat with AI (Artificial Intelligence) Ellen White to explore the role of technology and history in “Keys to the Castle.”

Apple   https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/keys-to-the-castle/id1558388185?i=100058837100

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Learn more about The Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists

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Introducing a new podcast named “The Ellen White Podcast” during this interview that Michael and Greg had with Jud Lake.

Apple  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/introducing-the-ellen-white-podcast/id1558388185?i=1000588931586

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History can be fun and Michael and Greg share that in this episode, “Rogue Missionaries and Candid Missives.”

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There are those who consider Adventism a cult. How do you respond to that charge. Check in with Michael, Greg, and Jud Lake in this first episode of a new miniseries: “Is Adventism a Cult: A Response to Cultish Part 1.”

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The Ellen White Podcast

Join Jud Lake of Southern Adventist University in exploring the life and legacy of Ellen G. White.

Do you think Ellen White talked about extra-terrestrials? Learn what Jud Lake found in her writings and shares in “Ellen White and E.T. Part 1.”

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Jud Lake has even more to say about “Ellen White and E.T. Part 2.”

Apple  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ellen-white-and-e-t-part-2/id1656432383?i=1000591308695

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How did Ellen White view her writings in relation to the Bible? Listen to Jud Lake’s research on the topic in “Ellen White and The Bible.”

Apple https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ellen-white-and-the-bible/id1656432383?i=1000596784604

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Sabbath School Rescue

Sabbath School Rescue with the “Campbell-Swoopes” duo digs deeper into the weekly Sabbath School lesson. 

 Learn about the benefits and responsibilities of being “Part of God’s Family.”

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When “God’s Covenants With Us” what is our responsibility?

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Faithfulness is part of “The Tithing Contract.”

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Offerings for Jesus

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When “Dealing With Debt” can you do it without feeling shame and guilt?

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Darius Jankiewicz presented seminars on “The Adventist Church’s Status on Salvation: Perfectionism, Grace of God, and the Investigative Judgement” at Sahmyook University located in Seoul, South Korea.  https://www.syu.ac.kr/eng/the-adventist-churchs-status-on-salvation/?bid=2240&bd=news




During the 4th Annual Adventist Archives Lectureship at Washington Adventist University, in Takoma Park, Maryland, Douglas Morgan presented “The Everlasting Gospel of the Kingdom at Hand: Joshua V. Himes and The Resilience of Second Advent Hope   at Washington Adventist University.

The Adventist Archives Lectureship is a partnership between the Washington Adventist University Honors College and the General Conference Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research. The Lectureship aims to highlight original scholarly research on Adventist history through lectures and publications.



Benjamin Clausen reflects on the power of God and the reminder it should be to us in “God’s Creation and His Power in Nature and Human Hearts.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAQFUrLA56E






Explore the literary art and the portrait it paints of Jesus with Félix H. Cortez in his message, “‘In these last days…’: The Message of Hebrews.” Refresh your thoughts on the relevance that the Book of Hebrews carries for us today.






This Week in Adventist History

ATS members Michael Younker and David Trim regularly provide insightful historical tidbits of Adventist History on the YouTube channel, Adventist Archives.


The 2023 Adult Daily Devotional written by ATS member Alberto Timm is titled Every Day a New Beginning. The events of the past affect our lives today. In this volume Timm highlights historical events that occurred on the same date in world history. The volume highlights a specific event that occurred on the same day in world history, within Christianity, in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, or during the life of Ellen G. White or others. Explore the historical event, examine the theological implications, and power your day with a related devotional message.




The Seventh-day Adventist International Bible Commentary, Volume 6, has been released. Authors Martin G. Klingbeil, Dragoslava Santrac, David Tasker, Jacques B. Doukhan, Richard M. Davidson will “cause you to praise God with the Psalms, survive life with the Proverbs, wonder with Ecclesiastes, and love with the Song of Songs.”  https://adventistreview.org/closer-look/scripture-lies-at-the-heart-of-adventism/

You can purchase it at https://adventistbookcenter.com/sda-international-bible-commentary-volume-6-psalms-proverbs-ecclesiastes-song-of-songs.html