Our conviction and strong desire is to foster biblical, theological, and historical studies that strengthen the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s message and mission.

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Adventist Society for Religious Studies Presidential Address

Sola Scriptura, Truth, and the Future of Bible Interpretation

Olive Hemming


Adventist Theological Society Presidential Address

Erasmus, the Protestant Reformation, and the Text of the New Testament

Carl P. Cosaert


Ecclesiology, Hermeneutics and Church Authority

The Role of the Community of Faith in the Interpretation of Scripture in Luther and Calvin and its Relation to Church Authority

Gerardo Oudri


Individualism and Subjectivity in the Hermeneutics of Charles Tayler

Adelina Alexe

Martin Luther and extra ecclesiam nulla salus (Outside of the Church there is no Salvation)

Did Luther Really Abandon Cyprian?

Darius Janciwicz

Reformation and Revitalization of Biblical Languages

Petronio Genebago


"Without Shedding of Blood There Is no Remission": Atonement, Substitution and the Logic of Forgiveness in Hebrews

Felix H. Cortez


'Let No One Judge You:' Col. 2:16-17 in Biblical Perspective

' Col. 2

Edwin Reynolds


‘No other name‘ — Why not?

Gerhard Pfandl

“The Glory Which Shall be Revealed in Us”

The Biblical and Historical Roots of Last Generation Theology in the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Kevin Paulson