Our conviction and strong desire is to foster biblical, theological, and historical studies that strengthen the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s message and mission.

Membership in the Adventist Theological Society is open to any serious Bible student that recognizes the strength of working together to help touch Adventist leaders, pastors, theologians, and lay person with balanced and conservative Adventist theology on the cutting edge.

In designating membership, the Society seeks to preserve the professionalism of ATS while providing a context where any serious Bible student may feel comfortable. The emphasis is on joining together in the goals we share as students of God’s Word, not in the type of membership one holds.

The Society’s membership currently comprises Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary professors; religion professors from Adventist colleges and universities around the world; scholars from the General Conference Biblical Research Institute; world, division, union, and conference Church leaders; scientists, pastors, editors, physicians, lawyers, and other professionals; students within Adventist higher education and lay Bible students interested in biblical-theological issues.


Special Financing for Developing Countries

As part of ATS's genuine commitment to providing membership to interested individuals, ATS is providing this free membership application to those who, for one reason or another, cannot pay the usually-required membership fees.  This free membership is based on an honor system and we encourage anyone who is able to pay the membership fees to do so.  If you are needing to register as a developing country member, then please make that selection when filling out the online membership application form.


You may subscribe to the printed ATS Journal without membership status for $15 per year.

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