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2017 Fall Symposium - The Heritage of the Reformation

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

PDF Paper

“Sola Scriptura Statuat Lex Orandi: Toward a Transcultural Theology of Liturgy”
David Williams, Andrews University

PDF Paper

“Divine Presence and Holy Relics, the Medieval Backgrounds of the Reformation”
Rodrigo Galiza, PhD Candidate, Andrews University

PDF Paper

“Reformation, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre: A Timeline Overview”
Carina Prestes, PhD Candidate Andrews University

PDF Paper

“Nearness and Delay of the Parousia in Reformation Thought”
Laurentiu Florentin Mot, Adventist Theo. Institute, Cernica, Romania

Thursday, November 16, 2017
PDF Paper “The Law in Galatians—A Third Perspective on Paul”
Kim Papaioannou, PhD Cyprus Section of SDA
PDF Paper
“Individualism and Subjectivity in the Hermeneutics of Charles Tayler”
Adelina Alexe, PhD Candidate Andrews University
PDF Paper
“Ecclesiology, Hermeneutics and Church Authority: The Role of the Community of Faith in the Interpretation of Scripture in Luther and Calvin and its Relation to Church Authority”
Gerardo Oudri, Andrews University
PDF Paper
“Reformation and Revitalization of Biblical Languages”
Petronio Genebago, PhD Candidate AIIAS, Philippines
Friday, November 17, 2017

PDF Paper

Adventist Theological Society Presidential Address: “Erasmus, the Protestant Reformation, and the Text of the New Testament”
Carl Cosaert, President, ATS

PDF Paper

Adventist Society for Religious Studies Presidential Address: “Sola Scriptura, Truth, and the Future of Bible Interpretation”
Olive Hemming, President, ASRS
Sabbath, November 18, 2017

PDF Paper

“The Moral Government of God, the Sabbath, and Adventist Activism”
Nicholas Miller, Andrews University
Respondent: Douglas Morgan, Washington Adventist University
PDF Paper

Divine Worship Service

“Justification by Faith According to the Old Testament: In the Footsteps of the Reformers.”
Richard Davidson, Andrews University

PDF Paper
“The Clarity and Obscurity of Inspired Writings: An Historical Survey from the Protestant Reformers to Seventh-day Adventists”
Denis Kaiser, Andrews University
Respondent: Michael Campbell, Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
PDF Paper
“Martin Luther and extra ecclesiam nulla salus (“Outside of the Church there is no Salvation”): Did Luther Really Abandon Cyprian?”
Darius Janciwicz, Andrews University
PDF Paper “Luther’s and Calvin’s Interpretation of Daniel’s Prophetic Visions in Comparison to the Major Schools of Prophetic Interpretation”
Ronald Rojas, Andrews University
PDF Paper “Tyndale vs. Luther: Faith of Jesus or Faith in Jesus”
Benjamin Tupper, University of California, Riverside
PDF Paper “The Riddled Rise of Adventist Reformers: James White, Ellen Harmon, and the Israel Dammon Trial in Atkinson, Maine”
Kevin M. Burton, PhD student, Florida State University
PDF Paper “A New Paradigm for Understanding Martin Luther on the Soul-Sleep”
Donny Chrissutianto, AIIAS, Philippines
PDF Paper “Doctrinal Shifts, Metaphors, and the Flourishing of Missional Hermeneutics”
Elmer Guzman, Andrews University
PDF Paper “Did the Reformers Misunderstand Righteousness by Faith? Reflections on Habakkuk 2:4b
A. Rahel Wells, Andrews University
PDF Paper “Tyndale and the Reformation of English Religious Language”
Stephen Reasor, Burman University
PDF Paper “John Wesley: Original Sin and Limited Universalism”
Steven Grabiner, Southern Adventist University
PDF Paper “The Relationship Between Faith and Self-denial in the Reformation: An Appraisal of Luther and Calvin’s Theology”
Davide Sciarabba, Andrews University
PDF Paper “Justification by Faith: The Lutheran Heritage for Christian Mission”
Liang Chuanshan, AIIAS, Philippines
PDF Paper “The Importance of the Priesthood of all Believers for Adventist Eschatology and Ministry”
Alan Parker, Southern Adventist University
PDF Paper “Will all Israel be Saved? An Exegetical Analysis of the Pauline Expression”
Abelardo Rivas, Andrews University
PDF Paper “Jacobus Arminius: A Forerunner of Adventist Soteriology”
Abner Hernandez, Montemorelos University, Mexico
PDF Paper “Ellen White and the Radical Reformers”
Steve Toscano, PhD Candidate, Andrews University
PDF Paper “Missions During the Reformation: Implications for the Revival and Reformation Focus in the Adventist Church”
Kelvin Onongha, Adventist University of Africa, Kenya
PDF Paper “A Biblical Assessment of Luther’s View on Priesthood of all Believers and Pastoral Ministry”
Davidson Razafiarivony, Adventist University of Africa, Kenya
PDF Paper “The Plausibility and Possibility of the Seventh-day Adventist Eschatological Scenario”
Dominic Bornand, PhD Candidate, Andrews University
PDF Paper "Between Theodicy and Free Will: The Doctrine of Sin in Melanchthon’s Understanding and Its Reverberations in the Adventist Theology.”
Adrian Petre, AIIAS, Philippines
PDF Paper “A Collision of Purposes: From Reformation to Anti-Foundationalism”
Eriks Galenieks, Adventist University of Africa, Kenya