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2014 Spring Symposium - Adventism at the Crossroads

Event Information

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Thursday, April 17, 2014
MP3 The Tension of the Seventh-day Adventist Identity: An Existential &   Eschatological Perspective

Jacques Doukhan

Friday, April 18, 2014


Morning Devotional

Jack Blanco


Deceiving Spirits in Job and Revelation: Prolepsis and Reiteration

Lael O. Caesar


Exclusivism versus Inclusivism: Citizenship in the Pentateuch and its Metaphorical Usage in Ephesians​

Martin Klingbeil


Adventism and Biblical Worldview

Ed Zinke


Judgment for the Saints: The Justice of God in Psalms 3–14

Jerome Skinner


Isaiah's Messiah: Adventist Identity for
the Last Days

Stephane Beaulieu


Unkitsching Reality: Towards an Adventist Philosophy of History​

Ante Jeroncic


Corporate Identity: A view from Inside and Outside

Michael F. Younker​


ATS Recognition Program & Mini-Concert Covenant of Praise

Tom Shepherd​


Do Believers Receive Preferential Treatment?: The Patient, the Obedient, the Faithful, and the Reward

Felix H. Cortez

Saturday, April 19, 2014
MP3 Ezekiel 40–48 and the Identity of Adventism
Jiri Moskala
MP3 Sabbath School
Alan Parker
MP3 Worship Service – The Meaning of Adventist Eschatology
Stephen Bauer
MP3 Is the Seventh-day Adventist Church the Last Remnant?
Richard Sabuin


Jesus' Understanding of Daniel as a Unifying Vision for Adventists
Reimar Vetne
MP3 Panel Discussion: Adventism at the Crossroads: Identity & Eschatology
Greg King (moderator), Stephen Bauer, Jacques Doukhan, Richard Sabuin, Tom Shepherd, David Trim