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2010 Schedule for ATS at ETS

On Thursday, November 18, 2010, ATS will convene its annual scholarly meeting in conjunction with the annual Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) meeting in the Atlanta Hilton in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. This year the ETS and ATS theme is “Justification by Faith.” All Adventist attendees can pick up name badges, which will give access to the ETS book exhibition hall, from the ETS registration desk. For the complete ETS program, which includes the ATS section (pp. 25, 31-32) and information regarding transportation, directions, and accommodations (pp. 2-3), see the ETS website.

Room 308
Atlanta Hilton
255 Courtland Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Directions to Atlanta Hilton
Directions from I-75/85 South:

Exit at 249A (Courtland Street). This is a one-way street and the hotel is one block ahead on your left.


Directions from I-75/85 North:

Exit at 249B (Peachtree Street). At first light, turn right on Peachtree Street. Next light, turn left on Ralph McGill Blvd. Next light, right on Courtland Street. The hotel is one block on your left.

Directions from East/West I-20:

Take I-75/85 North and follow directions for I-75/85 North.

Parking at the Atlanta Hilton:

Self Parking — $21.00/day
Valet Parking—$28.00/day

ATS Presenters at ETS


Clinton Wahlen (Biblical Research Institute): Justification in the Gospels


Angel Rodriguez (Biblical Research Institute): Legal Universal Justification: Brief Description and Evaluation


Richard Choi (Andrews University): Paul’s Concept of Justification by Faith in a Nutshell


Sigve Tonstad (Loma Linda University): Pistis Iesou: Subjective or Objective Genitive?


Gerhard Pfandl (Biblical Research Institute): Desmond Ford and the Righteousness by Faith Controversy


Ante Jeroncic (Andrews University): Righteous Beauty: Jonathan Edwards and Justification by Faith


Erwin R. Gane (Angwin, CA): Forensic and Transformational Aspects of Justification


Richard Sabuin (Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies): Victory Over Sins, Faith, and the Second Coming of Christ in Revelation