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2014 Fall Symposium - Michael Hasel & Richard Davidson

"Biographical Sketch of Gerhard Hasel" by Michael G. Hasel "The Legacy of Gerhard Hasel's Old Testament Theology: Basic Issues in the Current Debate Revealed in the Old Testament Scholarship of the Last…

2014 Fall Symposium - Walter Kaiser

The Hasel-Kaiser Discussions on the Search for a Center or Mitte to Biblical Theology

2014 Fall Symposium - Sammuel Nunez

Narrative Structure of Daniel 8: A Text Linguistic Approach

2014 Fall Symposium - Eugene Merrill

The Theology of the "Chronicler": What Difference Does It Make?

2014 Fall Symposium - Nicholas Miller

Does the Church Have the Authority to Adapt Scriptural Organizational Ideals?

2014 Fall Symposium - Mathilde Frey

Ecclesiology in the Old Testament: A Model for the Relevant Church

2014 ATS Fall Symposium - Michael Younker

the Concept of Truth and Ecclesiological Authority: Have Scientists Replaced Priests?

2014 ATS Fall Symposium - Carlos Mora

The Remnant in Daniel 11:40-45

2014 ATS Fall Symposium - JoAnn Davidson

Women Bear God's Image: Considerations from a Neglected Perspective

2014 ATS Fall Symposium - Tom Shepherd

"We Thank God for You" How Thanksgiving Transforms Our Walk: A Study in the Theology of Colossians Adventist Theological Society Presidential Adress

2014 Fall Symposium - Artur Stele

Power: To Whom Does It Belong

2014 Fall Symposium - Michael Campbell

Development of the Seventh-day Adventist Ministerial Identity, 1863 - 1881

2014 Fall Symposium - Jonathan Leonardo

How Does God "Head" Christ: Paul's Use of Kephalē within the Body Metaphor

2014 Fall Symposium - Armando Juarez & Abimael Lozano

Apostasy: An Ecclesiological Taboo in the SDA Church

2014 Fall Symposium - Rodrigo Galiza

The Enemy in the Sanctuary: Jewish Eschatology and Adventist Belief

2014 Fall Symposium - Leonardo Nunes

Sanctuary Typology and Ecclesiology in the Forth Gospel and Acts

2014 Fall Symposium - Panel Discussion

The Authority of the Church - Lael Cesaer, Armando Juarez, Tom Shepherd, Felix Cortez (moderator), Nicholas P. Miller, Denis Fortin, and Michael W. Campbell (left to right)

2014 Fall Symposium - Eriks Galenieks

The Multifunctional Purpose, Application and Implications of the Term Qāhāl in the Hebrew Canon