Our conviction and strong desire is to foster biblical, theological, and historical studies that strengthen the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s message and mission.

ATS Call for Papers
2022 Annual Meetings—Denver, CO
Theme: Holiness

The Adventist Theological Society invites proposals for its annual meetings to be held in 
Denver, CO on Tuesday through Thursday (Nov 15–17, 2022), and Friday–Sabbath (Nov 18–
19, 2022). In conjunction with the Evangelical Theological Society, this year’s conference 
theme is “Holiness,” although excellent papers on other topics will be accepted as well. 
The topic for this year allows a wide range of reflections in different disciplines on the 
intersection of God’s nature and character versus human nature and earthly reality. 

In response to the difficulties surrounding the continued pandemic, we intend to make the ATS
meetings more accessible for international scholars who wish to present or attend the meetings
but might not have the opportunity to attend in person. We will have one virtual track for video 
presentations besides the in-person presentations. Proposals can be submitted for either virtual 
or in-person modality.

Submission Guidelines:
• Proposals must be in Microsoft Word format and include an abstract (200-300 words) 
summarizing the main thesis and trajectory of argumentation. 
• Include in the proposal the paper title, the author’s full name, institution, mailing address, 
and email address.
• First time presenters must also submit a complete outline of their paper for review when 
they submit their proposal.
• The Adventist Theological Society affirms a high view of Scripture. Proposals should 
reflect this perspective.
• Submission of a proposal does not guarantee acceptance.
• Indicate whether you plan to attend in-person or wish to contribute in virtual modality. 
Send proposals to: Eike Mueller, ThD, ATS President-Elect, at: [email protected]

Proposal Deadline: Sunday, April 10, 2021
If your paper is accepted, we will send you more information regarding scheduling and location 
when these details are settled. ATS does not have funds to assist presenters with travel 

It is our intention to communicate regarding inclusion of your paper in the ATS by June 2022. If 
you have questions, please email [email protected]