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Adventist Theological Society

Spring Symposium
Walla Walla University
Walla Walla, Washington
April 19-21, 2012

The Adventist Theological Society will hold its Spring Symposium Thursday night through Sabbath, April 19-21, 2012, at Walla Walla University at Walla Walla, Washington. The meetings will focus on the topic of Theodicy with presentations dealing with historial background, crosscurrents in the debate over God and evil, the question of suffering and the topic of God's judgment.  Several of the presenters will talk about their personal journey with God through deep loss including the Sabbath morning sermon at the University Church by Professor Carl Cosaert of Walla Walla University.

Further information regarding travel and lodging arrangements may be found here.  If you would like information about meals, airport travel, etc., please download the following word document.  You may also wish to download a map of the campus.  

The meetings are open to the public without charge.  Conference and North Pacific Union pastors and staff are welcome to attend.  Conference and Union officials may wish to designate the meetings as Continuing Ministerial Education. 

The program for the Spring Symposium is attached here