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"Christians in the Public Square"

Theme & Synopsis
Our symposium this year addresses the duty of the Church as the spiritual entity most responsible for our society’s moral integrity. The theme of these November meetings is "Christians in the Public Square" (ETS) and "The Church in the Public Square" (ATS).

Our November meetings will be at the Hilton Washington in downtown Washington D.C. with ETS (November 16) and the day long Sabbath ATS Bible Symposium at the Spencerville Church at 16325 New Hampshire Ave., in Silver Spring, MD (November 18). 

Free Bussing on Sabbath
For those able to attend, please be aware that "Free Bussing" will be available on Sabbath, November 18 from the Hilton Washington to the Spencerville Church.  A schedule can be found in the brochure for that day.

Download Brochures
November 16 - ATS Papers at ETS Annual Meeting (pdf)
November 18 - ATS Bible Symposium at Spencerville SDA Church (pdf)

Audio Recordings
MP3 archives of the National Bible Symposium at Spencerville SDA church are now available.  The audio recordings have also been added to the Podcast directory.