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ATS 2012 Fall Symposium - Adelina Alexe

Does God Care for Creation? The Origins and the Future of Natural Evil: A Comparison Between the Theistic Evolutionary Model and the Recent Historical Creation Model Adelina Alexe, Ph.D. student, Andrews…

ATS 2012 Fall Symposium - Adriani Milli Rodrigues

Creation and Theodicy: Protological Presuppositions in Evolutionary Theodicy Adriani Milli Rodrigues, Ph.D. student, Andrews University

ATS 2012 Fall Symposium - Alexander Bolotnikov

You Shall Not Boil a Young Goat in its Mother’s Milk: the Case of Caring for Creation Alexander Bolotnikov, M.A., M.Ph., Ph.D. candidate, Hebrew Union College

ATS 2012 Fall Symposium - Gonzalo L. Pita

Evolution as a Fallacy of Hypostatization Gonzalo L. Pita, Ph.D., Baltimore Spanish SDA Church

ATS 2012 Fall Symposium - Enrique Baez

The 'Mourning' of the Earth in Hosea 4:3 Enrique Báez, Ph.D., Dominican Adventist University

ATS 2012 Fall Symposium - Rodrigo P. Silva

Reasons to Care for Creation: A Comparison Between the Apocalypse and the Writings of Dio Chrysotom Rodrigo P. Silva, Th.D., Brazilian Adventist Theological Seminary