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All ChannelsThe Nature and Function of Scripture

ATS 2013 Fall Syposium - Richard Davidson

Literary Structure in the Book of Exodus: A Case Study in the Aesthetic Nature and Theological Function of Scripture.

ATS 2013 Fall Syposium - Kessia Reyne Bennett

Tradition 0.5: A Case for "No Creed but the Bible"

ATS 2013 Fall Syposium - Friday's Panel Discussison

The Hebrew Bible as Christian Scripture Panel Members G.K. Beale, Darrell Bock, John Peckham, Richard Davidson, Tom Shepherd (moderator), Reimer Vetne

ATS 2013 Fall Syposium - Adriani Rodriguez

The Rule of Faith and Scripture: a brief analysis of the rule of faith in contemporary Theological Interpretation of Scripture.

ATS 2013 Fall Syposium - David Sciarabba

A Holistic Ethical Approach to the Function of Scripture as Shaper of Human Character of God's People.

ATS 2013 Fall Syposium - JoAnn Davidson

The Word Speaks for Itself: Issues of Revelation and Inspiration

ATS 2013 Fall Syposium - Kenneth Bergland

Prophets interpreting the Law: Guides for those "who keep the commandments of God" (Rev 14:12)

ATS 2013 Fall Syposium - Reimer Vetne

A Case for Historicism in Revelation 2-3: Why the seven churches are historical periods

ATS 2013 Fall Syposium - Enrique Baez

The Intertextual Nature of Scripture: Allusions to Genesis 11:1-9 in Daniel 11

ATS 2013 Fall Symposium - Jiri Moskala

Embracing and Waiting Patiently for the Word: Standing on the Promises of God

ATS 2013 Fall Syposium - Denis Kaiser

The Diverse Operations of the Holy Spirit: Ellen White's Progressing Description of Divine Inspiration

ATS 2013 Fall Symposium - Tiago Arrais

Cosmology, Ontology, and the Travail of Biblical Interpretation: a Study on the Macro-Hermeneutical Assumptions that Shape the Nature and Function of Scripture