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"Eating" and "Drinking" in the Book of Revelation: A Study of New Testament Thought and Theolgy

Gerald A. Klingbeil

16/1 (Spring 2005)

New TestamentRevelationScripture

Conscience in the New Testament

Edwin Cook

15/2 (Fall 2004)

New TestamentScienceScripture

Creation in the New Testament

Ekkehardt Mueller

15/1 (Spring 2004)

CreationNew TestamentScripture

Daniel 9:27a: A Key for Understanding the Law's End in the New Testament

Roberto Ouro

12/2 (Fall 2001)

DanielLawNew TestamentScripture

Creation Through the New Testament Looking Glass

Ekkehardt Mueller

10/3 (Summer 2005)

CreationNew TestamentScripture

The Faith Factor: New Testament Cosmology in its Historical Context

Keith Augustus Burton

15/1 (Spring 2004)

CosmologyHistoryNew TestamentScripture

New Testament Use of the Old Testament

Richard M. Davidson

05/1 (Spring 1994)

New TestamentOld TestamentScripture

"Away from the Body and at Home with the Lord": 2 Cor 5:1-10 in Context

Edwin Reynolds

24/2 (Fall 2013)

DeathNew TestamentSecond Coming

Gender, Anthropology, and Sexuality in New Testament Perspective: Implications for Transgenderism

Larry L. Lichtenwalter

29/1-2 2018

EthicsGenderNew TestamentSexuality

The Holy Spirit in the New Testament

John K. McVay

29/1-2 2018

Holy SpiritNew Testament

Radically New Beginning—Radically New End: Creation and Eschatology in the New Testament

Laszlo Gallusz

29/1-2 2018

CreationEvolutionNew TestamentPhilosophy

Jesus' Eschatological Legacy: The Tension Between the Nearness of the Second Coming and the Mission of the Church

Wilson Paroschi

31/1-2 (Spring 2020)

EschatologyNew Testament

The Cheirographon and Christ: Recent Scholarly Findings

Ron du Preez

31/1-2 (Spring 2020)

HermeneuticsNew TestamentScripture

The "Spirit of Prophecy" (Rev 19:10) in the Light of Second Temple Jewish Usage

Davidson Razafiarivony

31/1-2 (Spring 2020)

New TestamentRevelation

Christ in the Covenant Curses? Deuteronomy 28 and the Gospel

A. Rahel Wells

32/1-2 (Spring 2021)

AdventismDoctrineNew TestamentOld TestamentWorldview

The Newness of the New Covenant

Jirí Moskala

32/1-2 (Spring 2021)

HermeneuticsNew TestamentOld TestamentTheology

Reconsidering the Meaning of the "Laying on of Hands" in 1Timothy 5:22 through a Structural Approach: The Use of 'Tauta' in 1Timothy

Sampson M. Nwaomah|Nicholas B. Bitamazire

32/1-2 (Spring 2021)

HermeneuticsNew Testament

The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus: A Narrative-Exegetical Study of Its Relationship to the Afterlife, Wealth, and Poverty–Part 1: The Afterlife

Thomas R. Shepherd

32/1-2 (Spring 2021)

DeathHermeneuticsLifestyleNew TestamentWorldview