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Ellen White, Lifestyle, and Scripture Interpretation

P. Gerard Damsteegt

07/2 (Fall 1996)

LifestyleScriptureSpirit of Prophecy

Ellen White's Interpretation and Use of the Seven Letters of Revelation

Denis Fortin

18/2 (Fall 2007)

RevelationSpirit of Prophecy

The Development of Ellen G. White's Concept of Babylon in The Great Controversy

Don Leo M. Garilva

18/2 (Fall 2007)

Spirit of Prophecy

Was Ellen White Confused About Justification?

Thomas A. Davis

17/2 (Fall 2006)

JustificationRighteousnessSpirit of Prophecy

Ellen G. White: Side Issues or Central Message

Alberto R. Timm

07/2 (Fall 1996)

Spirit of Prophecy

The Divine Authority of Preaching and Applying the Word: Ellen G. White's Perspective in Relation to Evangelical Viewpoints

Nestor C. Rilloma

16/1 (Spring 2005)

Spirit of Prophecy

The Quest for a Biblical Trinity: Ellen White's "Heavenly Trio" Compared to the Traditional Doctrine

Jerry Moon

17/1 (Spring 2006)

DoctrineScriptureSpirit of ProphecyTrinity

Ellen G. White and Creationism: How to Deal with Her Statements on Creation and Evolution: Implications and Prospects

Frank M. Hasel

17/1 (Spring 2006)

CreationEvolutionSpirit of Prophecy

Ellen G. White's Role in Ministering to God's Remnant

Paul A. Gordon

02/2 (Fall 1991)

RemnantSpirit of Prophecy

Ellen White on Theology, Its Methods, and the Use of Scripture

P. Gerard Damsteegt

04/2 (Fall 1993)

ScriptureSpirit of ProphecyTheology

The Inspiration of Scripture in the Writings of Ellen G. White

P. Gerard Damsteegt

05/1 (Spring 1994)

ScriptureSpirit of Prophecy

The Lesser and the Greater Lights: Ellen White and the Bible

Warren S. Ashworth

09/1 (Spring 1998)

ScriptureSpirit of Prophecy

Ellen G. White's Understanding of the Sanctuary and Hermeneutics

Denis Fortin

09/1 (Spring 1998)

HermeneuticsSanctuarySpirit of Prophecy

The Theological and Practical Significance of Health Reform in the Writings of Ellen G. White

Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

25/2 (Fall 2014)

HealthLifestyleSpirit of ProphecyTheology

Ellen White, Health, and the Third Angel's Message: Part 2-Minimizing Non-Communicable Diseases

Warren A. Shipton

28/2 (Fall 2017)

HealthLifestyleSpirit of Prophecy

Ellen White, Health, and the Third Angel's Message: Part 1--Improving Health through Reducing Transmissible Diseases

Warren A. Shipton

28/1 (Spring 2017)

HealthLifestyleSpirit of Prophecy

A Dialogue Between Contemporary Perspectives and Ellen White on Divine Action and Quantum Physics

Michael F. Younker

23/1 (Spring 2012)

Spirit of Prophecy

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The Place of the Book of Daniel in the Hebrew Canon

Jirí Moskala

AdventismDanielProphecySpirit of Prophecy

The Text of the Creation Sabbath (Genesis 2:1-3)

Theological Intentionality for the Concept of Holiness in the Pentateuch

Mathilde Frey

AdventismCreationProphecySpirit of Prophecy

Nomological or Inspirational? Paul’s Use of the Old Testament in 1 Corinthians

A. Rahel Schafer

AdventismProphecySpirit of Prophecy

Repentance and Personal Responsibility in Ezekiel 18 and Its Inner-Textual and Intertextual Contexts

Jan Sigvartsen

AdventismProphecySpirit of Prophecy

Intrinsic Canonicity

The Inadequacy of the Community to Determine the Canon

John Peckham

AdventismProphecySpirit of Prophecy

How the Bible Spells Success

Ron E. M. Clouzet

AdventismProphecyScriptureSpirit of Prophecy

The Prophetic Stream

Isaac A. Olatunji, Jr.

AdventismProphecySpirit of Prophecy

A New Look at the Year-Day Principle

Jon Paulien

AdventismProphecySpirit of Prophecy

The Authority of Ellen White

Gerhard Pfandl

AdventismProphecySpirit of Prophecy

Ellen G. White’s Passion for Jesus and Scripture

Merlin D. Burt

AdventismProphecyScriptureSpirit of Prophecy

Ellen G. White’s Use of the Theological Ellipse

Herbert E. Douglass

AdventismProphecySpirit of Prophecy