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2016 Fall Symposium - The Triune God

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

PDF Paper


"Let Us Make Man In Our Image” – When God Speaks of Himself

Eriks Galenicks

PDF Paper


Eternally Equal: A Historical, Biblical, And Theological Analysis Of Intertrinitarian Relationships

Timothy J. Arena

PDF Paper


Reexamining the Eternal Generation of the Son and Its Implications to the Doctrine of the Trinity

Remwil R. Tornalejo​

PDF Paper

Wayne Grudem’s Trinitarian Subordinationism​

Iriann Irizarry​-Hausted

PDF Paper

The Biblical Narrative of God and 'The Triune God': The Necessity of the Biblical Theological Frame for a Dogmatic Formulation of the Doctrine of Triune God

Jan Barna​

PDF Paper

The Nature and Work of the Holy Spirit in the Pentateuch

Richard Davidson

PDF Paper

Neo-Subordinationism: The Alien Argumentation in the Gender Debate

Matthew L. Tinkham Jr.

PDF Paper

Power or Person: Nature of the Holy Spirit

Jo Ann Davidson

Friday, November 18, 2016

PDF Paper

Adventist Theological Society Presidential Address 

Felix H. Cortez​

PDF Paper

Adventist Society for Religious Studies Presidential Address 

Teresa Reeve​

Sabbath, November 19, 2016

PDF Paper


What is His Name & What is His Son's Name? Proverbs 30:4 and the Trinity

Steve Bauer

PDF Paper

Divine Worship Service

Larry Lichtenwalter

PDF Paper

Learning and Unlearning: A Context for Important Developments in the Adventist Understanding of the Trinity: 1888-1898

Gilbert M Valentine

PDF Paper

Jesus and the God of Judaism

Jon Paulien


Panel Discussion

Carl Cosaert (moderator)

PDF Paper Towards OT Theology on the 'Angel of Adonai': Implications on the Dotrine of the Trinity

Carlos E. Mora
PDF Paper "Another Paraclete": The Holy Spirit in John's Gospel

Wilson Paroschi
PDF Paper Contrasting Views about the Diviinty of Christ in Seventh-day Adventist Theology

Donny Chrissutianto
PDF Paper Trinue God as a Driving Force Behind a Growing Church?

Petr Cincala
PDF Paper Mal'akh Melohim, Mikhael, Metatron: Manifestations of the Angel of God in the Narratives of the Book of Judges

Alexander Bolotnikov
PDF Paper Crystal Clear: The River Flowing from the Throne of God and of the Lamb as a Symbol of the Spirit

Ross Winkle
PDF Paper O Erxomenos: A Trinitarian Approach to "the One Coming"

Laurentiu F. Mot
PDF Paper Millennial Young Adults' Responses to Fundamental 2--The Trinity

Jan Sigvartsen
PDF Paper Genesis 19:24 and the Heresy of 'Two Powers in Heaven' and Its Implications for the Concept of God in the Pentateuch: An Exegetical Appraisal

Erick Mendieta
PDF Paper The Glory of God Manifest: Interpreting Titus 2:13

Keldie Paroschi
PDF Paper A Premodern History of the Shema

Esteban Hildago
PDF Paper Divine Love and Freedom from Coercion

Edwin Cook