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2007 Spring Symposium - Current Issues in Eschatology

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Islam and the Eschatological Remnant - Audio

Jon Paulien

Israel in Eschatological Prophecy - Audio

Jacques Doukhan


Friday, March 2, 2007

Principles for Interpreting Old Testament Eschatological Prophecies - Audio

Richard Davidson

In Whose Image Are You? The Clay in Daniel 2:42–43 - Audio | Paper (doc)

Ray McAllister

Gog and Magog: Who Are They? - Audio  |  Paper (pdf)

Jirí Moskala

Eschatology as Motivator for Moral Life - Audio

Miroslav Kiš

Living for the Lord: End-Time Ethics - Audio

Ron du Preez

The Push Toward Conservative Lifestyle And the Rise of the Antichrist - Audio

John Reeve

The Remnant in the Oracles Against the Foreign Nations in Jeremiah - Audio

Ken Mulzac

Unclean Spirits Like Frogs: A Revelation from Job - Audio

Lael Caesar

Redemption of the Body: A Study in Micro-, Messo-, and Macro-Cosmic Eschatology - Audio

Martin Hanna

The Sabbath in Revelation 13 - Audio

Edwin Cook

A Suggested Interpretation of Daniel 11:1-21 - Audio  |  Paper (pdf)

Roy Gane

Eschatology, Messiah, and the Rebuilding of the Temple:
Philosophical Parallels and Differences Between Adventists, Evangelicals, and the Hasidim - Audio

Alex Bolotnikov

More on Daniel 8 and 9 - Audio

Alberto Treiyer

How to Anticipate Living Without a Mediator Without Going Crazy - Audio  |  Paper (pdf)

Marvin Moore

Hermeneutical Principles for Interpreting Daniel 10–12 - Audio

Carlos Mora

Seven Letters of Revelation: An Intertextual Study - Audio  |  Paper (pdf)  |  Paper (doc)  |  Powerpoint

Jean-Luc Murk

Seeing God’: With or Without the Body? (Job 19:25–27) - Audio

Erik Galenieks

Martin Luther’s View of Antichrist - Audio  |  Paper (pdf)  |  Paper (doc)

Dennis Pettibone

Ellen White and the Interpretation of the Seven Churches - Audio

Denis Fortin

Toward an Adventist Theology of Hope - Audio

Angel Rodriguez


Sabbath, March 3, 2007

Behold I Come Quickly— And We Are Still Here! - Audio

Jo Ann Davidson

Eschatology in Ecclesiastes - Audio

Jacques Doukhan

Evangelism and Eschatology - Audio

Larry Lichtenwalter

Futurism and Daniel 12 - Audio

Gerhard Pfandl

Revelation 4 and 5: Inauguration or Day of Atonement? - Audio

Ranko Stefanovic

The Third Angel’s Message and Paul - Audio

P. Richard Choi

The Interpretation of Revelation 17— A Suggestion - Audio

Ekkehardt Mueller