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2009 Schedule for ATS at ETS

ATS will again be presenting some papers at the 61st annual meeting for the Evangelical Theological Society on "Personal and Social Ethics."  All Adventist attendees can pick up name badges, which will give access to the ETS book exhibition hall, from the ETS registration desk.

Maurepas Room (third floor)
J.W. Marriott Hotel
Downtown New Orleans, Louisana

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Roy Gane
(Andrews University)

ATS Presenters at ETS


Miroslav Kis (Andrews University): “Innocence or Shamelessness: Implications of Genesis 2:25 for Alternate Lifestyles”


Richard Davidson (Andrews University): “Cohabitation: A Biblical Perspective”


Jo Ann Davidson (Andrews University): “The Sabbath and Environmental Ethics”


Larry Lichtenwalter (Andrews University): “The Final Reconciliation: Personal and Social Dimensions of the Revelation’s Millennium and the ‘Healing of the Nations’”


John Peckham (Andrews University): “Ethics of Love? A Consideration of Moral Implications of Divine Love”


Stephen Bauer (Southern Adventist University): “The Ten Commandments and Kenosis


Abigail Doukhan (Elon University): “Exile and Responsibility —A Levinassian Perspective” 


Lilianne Doukhan (Andrews University): “Aesthetics versus Ethics: Is There Good and Evil in Music?”