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Editors page 24-1 2013 Randall W. Younker 24/1 (Spring 2013)
The Resurrection and the Old Testament: A Fresh Look in Light of Recent Reseach Jon Paulien 24/1 (Spring 2013)
Sanctuary: Cosmos, Covenant, and Creation Elias Brasil de Souza 24/1 (Spring 2013)
Justification in the Gospels Clinton Wahlen 24/1 (Spring 2013)
Thrones in the Book of Revelation Pt2-The Lamb on the Throne Laszlo Gallusz 24/1 (Spring 2013)
The Everlasting Covenant Peter M. van Bemmelen 24/1 (Spring 2013)
The Sola Scriptura Principle in the Current Debate Aleksandar S. Santrac 24/1 (Spring 2013)
On Being the Remnant Fernando Canale 24/1 (Spring 2013)
In Defense of the Year-day Principle Gerhard Pfandl 23/1 (Spring 2012)
Thorns Also and Thistles Warren A. Shipton 23/1 (Spring 2012)
The Emerging Church-Part 3: Evangelical Evaluations Fernando Canale 23/1 (Spring 2012)
The Implications of Arminius' Understanding of the Intellect on Knowledge Exchange Strategies Terry Robertson 23/1 (Spring 2012)
Universal Legal Justification: A Failed Alternative Between Calvin and Arminius Joseph Olstad 23/1 (Spring 2012)
A Dialogue Between Contemporary Perspectives and Ellen White on Divine Action and Quantum Physics Michael F. Younker 23/1 (Spring 2012)
Book Review-Understanding Creation: Answers to Questions on Faith and Science Joe Galusha 23/1 (Spring 2012)
The Editor's Page 23-1 Randall W. Younker 23/1 (Spring 2012)
The Emerging Church Pt 4-Levels of Change Fernando Canale 23/2 (Fall 2012)
The Editor's Page 23-2 Randall W. Younker 23/2 (Fall 2012)
Thrones in the Book of Revelation Pt1-Throne of God Laszlo Gallusz 23/2 (Fall 2012)
The Role of the Genesis Creation in the Writings of the Apostolic Fathers Eliezer Gonzalez 23/2 (Fall 2012)
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