ETS Sessions - Milwaukee - November 14


Adventist Theological Society 1:
8:30 AM-11:40 AM
Hyatt -  Executive A

Stephen Bauer
(Southern Adventist University)

8:30-9:10 am
Humberto M. Rasi
(General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists)
Christians and Environmental Responsibility: A Biblical Worldview Perspective

9:20-10:00 am
Warren A. Shipton
(Asia-Pacific International University, Thailand)
Ecosystem Community Health Initiatives and Care of Creation

10:10-10:50 am
Kenley D. Hall
The Theological Roots of the Emerging New Evangelicalism and its Environmental Focus

11:00-11:40 am
Eliezer Gonzalez
(Macquarie University)
The “Destroyers of the Earth” in Rev. 11:18: Why Are They?

Adventist Theological Society 2:
3:00 PM-6:10 PM
Hyatt - Executive B

Stephen Bauer
(Southern Adventist University)

3:00-3:40 pm
Mathilde Frey
(Adventist Institute of Advanced Studies, Philippines)
Caring for Creation: Sabbath and God’s Passion for Life in Exodus 23:12

3:50 -4:30 pm
Robert Osei-Bonsu
(Valley View University, Accra, Ghana)
Daniel Bediako
(Valley View University, Accra, Ghana
The Biblical Sabbatical Year and Its Implications for Ecology: An Exegesis of Exodus 23:10-11

4:40 PM—5:20 PM
Ronny Nalin
(Geoscience Research Institute)
Jacques Doukhan
(Andrews University-Theological Seminary)
Similar Plan, Similar Response: The Biblical Narration of Planetary Beginnings after Creation and after the Flood

5:30-6:10 pm
Jo Ann Davidson
(Andrews University-Theological Seminary)
Creation Care and the Sabbath