Caring for Creation - Travel Directions


Memo from the President:   Sabbath Transportation in Chicago

Dear ATS members:

Due to the complexities of Chicago, we are not able to have a downtown meeting on Sabbath.    Instead we will be going out to a church for the day on Nov 17
The ATS is meeting on Sabbath at the:

Yugoslavian SDA Church
5608 North Pulaski Road
Chicago, IL 60646


The church is north of downtown, just east of I 94 (Edens Expressway) by the junction of Pulaski Road and W. Bryn Mawr Ave.  (The church is also just north of Montrose Cemetery located by the same junction).

Transportation Options:

1.    Limited Private Car Option (volunteers needed):

    Friday night (Nov 16) after the Joint Meeting with ASRS, we will ask the ATS members to stay by so we can connect those who have cars and can offer rides, with those in need.  We may have a couple of officers who may be able to make multiple trips to shuttle people to the church.

    For those wishing a bit more independence there are public transportation options as well.

2.    Public Transport Options:

    a.    The Chicago Transit Authority has a day pass for unlimited rides on trains and busses.  More info can be found at this link:

        1-day = $5.75, (possibly plus $2 for the card, that was not fully clear to me) and can be pre-purchased online or in Chicago before Sabbath.

    b.    Two Route Options on Public Transport

        i.    Train & Bus (or walk)
            (1)    Take the Blue Line train  (see map link above) towards O'Hare airport.
            (2)    Exit at the Irving Park station
            (3)    Walk a very, very short distance to Pulaski Rd.
            (4)    Take #53 bus north approximately 2 miles to intersection by the church (or you can walk the two miles for exercise).

        ii.    Train & Walk
            (1)    Take the Brown Line north from Downtown Chicago area to the end of the line (Kimball Station)


            (2)    Walk approximately ½ mile west on St Lawrence Ave (you may need to walk north on North Kimball Ave a very short distance to get to St Lawrence Ave, then go left/west) to Pulaski Road

            (3)    Turn Right/North on Pulaski Road and walk approx 1 mile to the church (or you can board a #53 bus if you wish).

            (4)    Total walking, no bus, is about 1.5 miles; about ½ mile walking total if you take the 53 bus on Pulaski.
        You can see the train stations on "" in little blue squares with an M in them.

    c.    Transit System Maps

        i.    This map shows the train lines and the bus numbers on the streets.

        Our two station options are fairly near its center.

        ii.    This is the downtown map where you can find the stations to board to head north to church (the above map adjoins this one on its north side)