2006 Fall Symposium - Church in the Public Square

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Take the Chance - 1st Worship Service

Carl P. Cosaert - Walla Walla College

Sabbath Mode in a Hurting World

Larry Lichtenwalter - President, Adventist Theological Society

The Prophetic Voice of Amos as a Paradigm for Christians in the Public Square

Gerald A. Klingbeil - AIIAS, Philippines

The Parameters of Social Justice and Natural Law Theory

Edwin Cook - Dawson Institute for Church-State Studies, Baylor University

Biblical Models of Church and Society Relations

Miroslav M. Kis - Andrews University

The Church in the Public Square: Public Activity and Public Image

John Graz - International Religious Liberty Association

The Priesthood of Believers and the Separation of Church and State: 18th Century American Protestant Thought and Religious Disestablishment

Nicholas P. Miller - Andrews University

Should the Christian Mission Focus on Salvation or Society?

Bert B. Beach - International Religious Liberty Association