Two journals bring regular Society scholarship to libraries, theologians, pastors, church administrators, and interested lay people

Journal of the Adventist Theological Society (JATS)

Journal of the Adventist Theological Society (JATS)Journal of the Adventist Theological Society (JATS) is a refereed (double-blind peer-reviewed) scholarly journal, translated intermittently into German, Spanish, and Russia. JATS is sent to every member of the Evangelical Theological Society where it is read by nearly 2000 non-Adventist evangelical scholars.

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Perspective Digest (PD)

Perspective Digest (PD)Perspective Digest (PD) presents theological articles in a more popular format for our lay members. It regularly offers readable digests of significant JATS articles allowing the scholar’s influence to reach beyond academia.

Perspective Digest is now an online magazine:


ATS Academy

ATS Academy ( is another website from ATS that presents commonly held questions and answers to today's theological discussions in an easy-to-follow video format that is easy to share with your fellow scholars, pastors, or neighbors.  


ATS News

ATS News is the quarterly newsletter of the Adventist Theological Society. Through it you can keep up with the latest events, media, publications, and research of ATS members and leaders. Stay abreast of the society’s initiatives and the fruit of its ministry. If you are a member of ATS, you are already subscribed to the newsletter. If you are not a member and wish to receive the newsletter, sign up here.


Other Publications

A series of monographs, occasional papers, Festschrifts, and dissertations further comprise the Society’s publication portfolio.

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