2017 Fall Symposium

Whether a Bible symposia for theology students, speaking at a ministers’ meeting, or starting a new ATS local chapter, workers and lay people in every Church division are learning how ATS can make a difference in their lives and in our church.

Call for Papers
2017 Annual Meetings, Providence, RI
Topic: The Heritage of the Reformation

The Adventist Theological Society invites proposals for its annual meetings to be held in Providence, RI, Wednesday, November 15 through Sabbath, November 18, 2017. The theme is the “The Heritage of the Reformation.”

The 2017 ATS Fall Symposium theme on the Heritage of the Reformation gives us the opportunity to reflect on one of the truly significant moments in Christianity–and even prophetic history. We welcome papers from a broad range of perspectives. Papers may focus on, but are not limited to, issues of ecclesiology (including the origin, nature, and limits of authority), soteriology, (including an evaluation of the so-called “new perspective on Paul”), and eschatology. Each of these may be addressed from biblical, theological, philosophical, and historical perspectives. Also, papers are welcome on factors that have shaped our understanding and development of these issues (cultural, ethnic, religious, gender, social, cognitive, scholastic, historiographical, and the social sciences), as well as the influence the Reformation has had on personal religious experience.

The Adventist Theological Society affirms a high view of Scripture. As such all proposals should adhere to the methodology set forth in the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist’s document Methods of Bible Study.

Proposal Deadline: FRIDAY, APRIL 7, 2017.

Proposals must be in MS Word format and include an abstract (200-300 words) summarizing the main thesis and trajectory of argumentation. Include in the proposal the paper title, the author’s full name, institution, mailing address, and email address. In the subject line of your email place the following: Paper Proposal for ATS Annual Meeting 2016.

Send proposals to: John Reeve, PhD, ATS President-Elect, at: jreeve@andrews.edu

First time presenters must also submit a complete outline of their paper for review when they submit their proposal.

If your paper is accepted, we will send you more information regarding scheduling and location when these details are settled. ATS does not have funds to assist presenters with travel expenses.

Submission of a proposal does not guarantee acceptance. If you have questions, please email jreeve@andrews.edu.